New College Residence Earns Four “Green Keys”

A big step towards sustainability!

From the establishment of the first residence building, New College has been committed to growth. The personal growth of our community’s diverse and dynamic members and our growth as an institution have remained priorities; our dedication to improving our environmental performance is the latest testament to this commitment.

A series of renovations have transformed the College’s physical spaces over the last five years allowing for the implementation of sustainable practices such as water and energy conservation, solid waste management, community outreach and indoor air quality management. By incorporating sustainability goals into the planning process for all renovation and construction projects the College has been able to reduce environmental impacts through reduced utility consumption.

Our green projects have targeted the entirety of the college. The cafeteria’s windows have been fitted with a solar film to reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the sun in the summer thus decreasing the need for air conditioning to regulate indoor temperatures. Solar sensors have been installed to detect natural lighting levels from the sun and accordingly adjust indoor lighting to minimize energy consumption. Five filtered water bottle refill stations have replaced pre-existing water fountains. Coupled with a policy against disposable water bottles, the stations have saved over 110,000 to date. Bulbs throughout the college have been replaced with LED bulbs in order to conserve energy.

It is this commitment that has earned New College a ‘4 key’ rating (out of 5) from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program this winter. The program is designed to recognize accomplishments in environmental management and corporate social responsibility, with thousands of organizations participating across North America. New College is committed to improving its sustainability efforts and reducing its footprint and it is our hope that our continuing dedication will allow us to win the elusive ‘fifth key’ quite soon.

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